Small Business

Small business is the economic engine of the country. But most small business owners are so busy running their businesses and working long days building it, they don't have time to advocate for their best interests. It has become increasingly important to me to make sure the voice of small business is seriously considered during policy discussions. 

Nonprofit organizations are also a form of small business. I am committed to working with nonprofits to achieve community benefit.

I served on a panel at the Small Business Financing Forum at the Treasury Department on November 18, 2009 

  Here is the link to the video of the Small Business Financing Forum. My remarks start at 40.0 

In late October, 2009, I was invited to the White House with a group of small business owners from all over the country, to share my ideas about small business and what our businesses need to grow and strengthen the economy and our communities. 

In October, 2009, I met with Ardis Dee Hoven, MD, the Chair-elect of the American Medical Association, Matthew Katz, the Executive Vice President of the Connecticut State Medical Society, Juan Figueroa, President of the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut, to discuss the common concerns of physicians and small businesses as they relate to health care